All you wanted to know about ELC’s Everyday Women Model Search (applications closing January 15th 2020)

January 13, 2020

All you wanted to know about ELC’s Everyday Women Model Search (applications closing January 15th 2020)

Hopefully by now you’ll have seen that we’re on the hunt for some fine, fabulous ladies to be the new faces (and booties) of ELC!

It’s so important to me that we represent women of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, ages, and backgrounds, which is why we don’t find our models through agencies, but through friends, word of mouth, and social media.

A size 8 lady can be 75 years old. Pregnant models? Yes, please! And we love tattoos, scars, and stretch marks almost as much as we hate Photoshop.

That’s right- there is no Photoshop at all. If you look closely at the gorgeous gals on our site, you will see stretch marks, dimples, stray hairs, even dirt on the bottoms of their feet.

We want this to be real because, in case you haven’t gotten this yet, we think you’re all perfect just the way you are.

Did you know that when a customer clicks on the undies she wants on our product page, she can select her size and then see a model wearing that exact size?? That’s why we need a fabulous, confident Everyday Woman for every single size in the range—from 8 to 22.

So simple and yet so ground-breaking. And if you're unsure which size will fit you best, you can check out our sizing info with simple measurement instructions.

(Sidenote: we are so proud of our large range of sizes, but we know we could do even more! So, we are very excited about our plans to expand our size range even further in future, and as soon as small business limitations allow us to do so, you will be the first to know. Because amazing women come in all sizes, not just 8-22!)

Our Everyday Women Model Photoshoots are one of the highlights of my year, because they are about inspiring all women to love their bodies just as they are. Fixing another queen’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.

These shoots are about empowering women to be comfortable in their bodies, whatever their bodies look like, and creating lasting bonds with other strong and likeminded women.

And the really good news is that applications are open until January 15th 2020!!

We especially need to hear from you if you are a size 14 or a size 22!

So, if you’ve been chilling on the fence or haven’t managed to get your application in yet (or you know someone who would be bangin’ at this) – you should probably apply here now!!

Want to know more about how it all works?

Every single applicant goes into a spreadsheet.

My next step is to read through the messages to see why the woman has applied. My two faves to date are one who said it was pure self-gratification and another who wanted to show her daughters that queens come in all sizes and shapes. So, the more you can tell me about your “why,” the better!

I then send messages to those who have been shortlisted, and we jump on a phone call.

It’s crucial that personalities align… if we’re all going to be in our undies in a little room for a whole day, it needs to be fun and not awkward!! We are here to have a party.

Next step is a fitting, then we notify those who have made final selection.

Shoot day will be Saturday, the 15th of February, 2020 in Melbourne.

Our new Everyday Women are absolutely pampered with hair, makeup, music, food, bubbly, and a fun day hanging with other wonderful women. The atmosphere is amazing. You will get professional shots to take home along with a beautiful full set of Everyday Lingerie Co’s range; plus you will feature in our campaigns and on our website! You will go home with new friends and sky-high confidence.

Want to see what all the fuss is about?

If you are confident in your own skin and embody ELC’s inclusive and body positive ethos…


Please repost and tell your fabulous friends about it too. Applications close January 15th 2020, so be quick!

Jump on our Instagram or Facebook and comment beneath one of the Real Model Search images to tell us why you want to be one of our fab Everyday Women.

Hope to meet you soon!

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