Andrea @ Kapow Kids Q&A

December 02, 2019

Andrea @ Kapow Kids Q&A

Name: Andrea Goulding              

Occupation: KaPow Kids Owner

Resides in: Melbourne

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The talented Andrea Goulding, owner of kid’s clothing brand KaPow Kids spoke with ELC about her business, how she juggles being a mum of 2 and how becoming a mum gave her the inspiration to quit her job as an architect and branch out on her own!

What does a typical day look like for you?

My typical day is waking up at 7am with my 2 children and making a coffee first before I do anything. Flynn has school so we get him ready and dressed. Willow has childcare two days a week so if she has childcare, we get her ready too. My husband takes them to school at 9am and that’s when I usually hop on my computer in my home office and check emails, check my online orders and pay any invoices, customer emails, admin type stuff. After that I usually have breakfast and go for a run on the treadmill. Then I might pack my online orders, and any wholesale top ups, tidy the house a bit and listen to music. After that it’s back to the computer to do my design work. At the moment I am designing SS20. I might talk to my production manager about samples or answer any questions that the factory may need from me. Sometimes after that I have a nanna nap! Then usually 4pm the kids are home and we play and hang out.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life and why? (Can be living or passed)

I don’t have any one person that I look up to at the moment, but I am inspired by all the other Mums in business who are killing it every day.

What do you see as your biggest achievement in life and why?

My biggest achievement is my family. My husband Chris and my two children Flynn and Willow. My family are so kind to me and support me and just accept me as who I am. Without them I wouldn’t have created KaPow.

What age did you fall in love with your body? What changed or happened in life to make this happen?

My body has always been naturally pretty ok, I think it’s my genes. So, I’ve never worried about my body that much. After having kids my body has changed a bit, my abdomen has separated so I’m planning on seeing a Pilates instructor to help fix that. As I get older, I care less about what others think and you realise that kind people are the best kind of people to surround yourself with and those kinds of people don’t care what you look like!

What is your favourite body part and why?

My legs because they are pretty good!

How many children to do you have

1 boy, Flynn who is 7 and 1 girl, willow who is 3.

How did having children change you?

It changed me so much that I quit my job in architecture and started KaPow.

What are the biggest obstacles you face raises young children and running your own business?

The reason I started my own business was because I had a baby. It just means things are more flexible which is good, but also means you have to take things slow and you have to be patient because your kids come first.

What did you dream of doing for a career as a child and why?

I dreamt of being an architect because I love being creative.

If you could give your younger self 1 piece of advice what would it be?

Love yourself.

What is 1 word you would use to describe yourself?


What is your favourite book and why?

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. If you’re a sensitive soul, you need to read this book! It’s so good.

What is your mantra in life?

Be kind. Don’t put up with dickheads. Follow your dreams.

What type of undies are you? Brief / Boy-leg Short / G- String?

Brief always!

Business Owners:

When did you start your business?

In 2013.

What made you start your business?

Having a baby!

How have you changed by being a business owner?

I’ve learnt so much and gained so much confidence by achieving.

What entrepreneurs inspired you on your journey?

All the other mumtrepeneurs who had kid’s clothing labels.

Did you have a background in fashion prior to starting your business?

No, architecture and design is my background.

Fun Final Questions:

Red lipstick or Gloss?

Gloss for sure!

Cocktail or Wine?

Both – why have one or the other?

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