Why Our Body Mists Will Be Your Ultimate Summer Spritz

January 18, 2021

Why Our Body Mists Will Be Your Ultimate Summer Spritz

Summer is well and truly underway, which means your body will undoubtedly be duking it out with the humidity once again. What does that mean?

Sweat, and plenty of it, as your body does its thing to regulate your temperature. And while it’s quite incredible what our bodies can do, an excess of sweat doesn’t always leave us feeling fresh as we go about our day. So how do we feel our best during such soaring temps? Well, firstly we’d recommend investing in some ELC breathable underwear (of course!), but we’d also suggest you consider enlisting an uplifting body mist fragrance to keep any natural – but perhaps unwanted – odours at bay. 

Body mist fragrances provide the perfect on-the-go solution, allowing for refreshing touch-ups throughout long summer days. That’s why here at ELC we decided to create our very own range of body perfumes, each designed to be spritzed whenever you might need a fragrance boost. Our quest to find the ultimate body mist resulted in four unique scents, which each work to neutralise any unpleasant airs with a pleasant fragrance. We also wanted to make sure that no matter what your aromatic inclinations might be, you could find a fragrance to suit your personal preference and style. 

Floral fans will love our Gazania scent, which brings together five different flowers for a classic olfactory bouquet of blooms. Aria, meanwhile, satisfies those who gravitate towards a moodier oud but still want an optimistic fragrance, thanks to the soft wood base notes paired with creamy vanilla and jasmine. Oceana, as the name suggests, bottles that breezy coastal aroma that’s synonymous with the Australian summer – a delicate blend of rosewood and lavender, violet and invigorating fruits, which will reignite memories of warm weather long after the cool change hits. But if you’re looking for a crowd-pleaser, you can’t go past the casual elegance of our Leilani – a sweet concoction of soft fruity and floral notes, anchored by a welcome dose of warm vanilla. 

Each scent not only offers an easy, portable body perfume to throw in your handbag, but a portion of the proceeds from each body mist fragrance sold will go towards the important work being done by the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s research program (NBCF). They’re also 100 percent Australian-made and cruelty-free. Can’t decide which one is right for you? No problem – we’ve bundled up all four ELC body mist fragrances so you can swap them out according to your mood on the day!

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