ELC’s Guide to The Best Breathable Underwear

February 15, 2021

ELC’s Guide to The Best Breathable Underwear

Underwear options are seemingly endless these days, and there’s plenty to consider. Putting aside the search for the ultimate colour and cut, comfort ultimately always comes out on top, doesn’t it? Even if you’ve snapped up the sweetest little lingerie set, you’ll likely find yourself scanning your drawers for that fuss-free, multi-purpose pair that works with everything, whether you’ve had them for two weeks or two years –  and we’re willing to bet breathability plays a big part in that. 

After all, nobody likes suffocating smalls, especially not around your intimate area – and trust us, you definitely do not want to annoy her! Comfort notwithstanding, wearing undergarments that stifle your skin can lead to several unpleasant matters, including irritation, rashes, even thrush. Even worse? When you mistakenly wear such a pair out and have to suffer through the rest of a hot, humid day feeling all constricted and cranky. 

That’s why finding the best breathable underwear is so important. “Just like our underarms, the lower half can be prone to sweat,” explains our founder Danielle Sady. “We need breathable underwear to allow for a bit of airflow, so we don’t trap moisture in the area.” 

The intimate area is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so giving it a little extra TLC should always take priority when shopping for the best breathable underwear. Fabric is obviously the key component here, which is why here at ELC we choose natural fibres for all our underwear.


“Natural fibres, such as cotton and bamboo, are always best,” says Danielle. “Both these fabrics have moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties, which prevents contact areas from becoming a breeding ground for any nasties." 

That’s all well and good, sure – but does finding a comfortable pair in a breathable fabric mean you need to sacrifice on style? Absolutely not! We’re in the business of making underwear that you’ll actually want to wear, and we firmly believe that feeling cute shouldn’t have to come at the cost of your comfort.

So, if you’re after the best breathable underwear, look no further than our ultra-comfy ELC underwear. Each pair is made from the highest quality, sustainably sourced bamboo, so your body can breathe whether you’re working out, wearing something special or just indulging in a Netflix session on the couch.   

We’ve made sure you’re completely covered with a considered range of stylish cuts and colours, each with a simple but sexy trim and our signature ELC elastane/spandex support system, which will gently smooth over your curves like shapewear (but without, y’know, strangling your internal organs!). 

You’re welcome! Start shopping here.

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