Curvy Ladies, Here’s How To Find The Best Underwear For Your Bod

February 02, 2021

Curvy Ladies, Here’s How To Find The Best Underwear For Your Bod

The lingerie department may look inviting from the outside with all those eye-catching prints and sumptuous fabrics, but for many women, shopping for underwear is fodder for nightmares. It’s not just about the changeroom anxiety that many of us experience when trying items on – although that’s perfectly valid,  given the lighting and intimate nature – but it’s also about the overall lack of options curvy women face when it comes to underwear. 

Finding the right fit would have to be one of the biggest conundrum’s curvier women face. Sizing remains uneven across the industry, with many brands deciding to ignore bigger bodies altogether. Those that do cater to a wide range of sizes often don’t actually take our bodies into consideration, constructing undergarments from unflattering fabrics or fits that cut into the skin – never a nice feeling. 

And then there is the styles! Why do larger sizes never get the sexy treatment? We are buying underwear for us, not for our nanna! But if their limited ranges and styles are any indication, many brands seem to believe that our beautiful curvy bodies are less worthy of flaunting. 

Here at ELC we think that’s absolute BS, which is why we started this business in the first place. “Everyday underwear don’t have to be daggy. Bridget Jones needed our underwear!” says our founder Danielle Sady. “Women want something that offers both support and comfort, and definitely something that makes them feel sexy.”


Curvier women have historically been sold the idea by this type of brand messaging that they need to embrace the full brief, but we believe that underwear should be an extension of your personal style, which means your preference is what’s best for your body. “Women need to decide what works for them,” says Danielle. “Some curvier women love a good G-string but have struggled to find a brand that made one in their size. That’s why we made sure our range went to a size 22, and we will be expanding this even further in the future.”

We’re all about celebrating individuality, which is why we wanted to cater to everybody and every style sensibility. Because why shouldn’t underwear be enjoyable for all of us, regardless of what the size tag says? In fact, when it comes to your fit, Danielle recommends disregarding sizing information altogether. “Don’t look at labels – measure yourself to find what you like and what styles would suit your body and your wardrobe,” she explains. “And remember the key to any great outfit is the right underwear. It all starts from there, so look for something that will allow you to be comfortable. That way you can feel confident and not spending the day picking out wedgies or worrying about visible underwear lines." 

Amen to that!

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