Brief Talk Ep 7 - What underwear style am I? Reviewing the ELC Range

November 19, 2021

Brief Talk Ep 7 - What underwear style am I? Reviewing the ELC Range

What underwear style am I? Reviewing the ELC Range.


Hey everyone. Welcome to episode seven of brief talk proudly brought to you by Everyday Lingerie co. I wanted to take you through today, the ELC range. So many people have asked us to give a bit more detail in regards to the actual range, what we are currently stocking what's coming, so they can actually see a comparison between the different styles to really understand before they go shopping. So we will take you through the whole range, talk to you about how the pieces are different. What makes them that way? Hopefully give you a clearer understanding of the different features of them all, even though the fundamentals and the principles are pretty much the same through the entire range. So starting with the fact that every piece we stock comes in sizes eight to 22, if you want to understand more about the sizing and how it works, feel free to jump on the sizing guide that's available online,

Alternatively, we always say, once you take your measurements, think about your jeans size. So for me, I tend to wear a 12 to 14 in jeans and I wear a 14 within the run range across all of the styles when it comes to the brief, the boyleg or the G-string. So let's get into it the range. So we're going to start with the brief and the brief I'm showing you today is from the rainbow tie dye, some of the limited edition colors we have, there will be more colors coming in the range, so don't worry.

We have a whole range of colors to add, but at the moment, we've just got the one, so this is the rainbow tie dye to show you. And this is a brief that we've got here as with every piece, we are finishing off with the tide, sorry, the chevron elastic trim.

So, as I mentioned previously, when we talked about the brand and being Australia made, this is actually made overseas by an Australian owned company that imports it for us and is added to the product, obviously, to finish off the garment, to give you a little bit of style and a little bit of support and comfort around the waste area. This is all about giving you that additional support, so they all do sit mid to high rise depending on how your body is structured. And it's very much about taking direction from your body, so your body doesn't have to conform to our garments. Our garments will conform to your body.

So, the brief, as you can see, it's got the higher cut on the leg, more like a bikini with a coverage at the back there as well. And they are available in the black, white and the tie dye with all of the range that we do, whatever colors there it'll have the matching waist trim with it.

Moving on to the boyleg. Boyleg is one of my favourite pieces within the range. I'm a G girl the whole way, but the boyleg underwear is amazing and reason I love it so much is the fuller coverage it gives you across the leg. So it really comes across the top of the thigh, completed with the full coverage at the back, really going around and covering you fully at the cheeks. I love to use this when I'm going to the gym or running around for the day. It just gives me that little bit of extra support comfort throughout the day and great for bed at night. Again, finished with the chevron elastic waist trim. It's our bamboo fabric as it is through all the range, so it's moisture weakening. It has all these amazing properties who actually take the moisture away from the skin antibacterial properties to it as well.

Hence, why we chose bamboo for our entire underwear range, so you've got a full coverage. So, if you're after something with the maximum coverage on these, the boyleg is the way to go. It's amazing how many people used to be brief wearers and now they've moved across the boyleg style because of our full of coverage without feeling you're having a bridge at Jones' moment. So chevron elastic mid to high rise, finish there for you, depending on how your body's structured can sit up and just hold in where you need it the most. Black, white, and the tie dye in the boyleg as well and all part of our Australian Made manufacturing.

The next piece is the G-string, so it's more of a traditional thong, we do finish again with the waist trim, so it is a higher cut set. So if you're wearing really low rise pants, obviously this isn't going to be the style for you, but it allows that coverage and support wherever you need. Great, if you have something a bit more fitted on that can actually cover you the whole way down. So you actually have a fuller coverage, more similar actually to the brief at the front. So you can see there when you've got the two pieces, the coverage at the brief offers is very similar to the G-string at the front. And then you have a traditional thong at the back, but you still have some fabrics sitting there, so it's not a full string. It actually allows it to shape around and really offer you that nice coverage, softness here as well. So it's not feeling like it’s something that's quite sharp, that's going to irritate over the day while you're wearing. This piece is the whole reason I designed the range because I couldn't find a piece, because I don't like wearing leggings, especially at the gym.

So the other part of the range we have on offer is all the products we have in our warehouse sale at the moment. And there's two styles and they're very distinct, which is in our warehouse range. So we had a gray, we previously had manufactured overseas and they had some faults coming through, as we mentioned on the website and in some previous clips and stories, it's just aesthetics on them. The garments still work they're still made from bamboo, but they were from the initial collection that we got that actually had some faults in it. So we removed any of the faulty parts of the garment, which was mainly the waist trim. We've checked them all out to make sure that the stitching, et cetera, is all good to go. So purely aesthetic, but with this, you've got a brief and a boyleg. Now the warehouse sale pieces are a different cut to the traditional Australian Made garments we offer. They are a lower rise, so there are low to medium rise at the front and you don't get the same coverage you get from the everyday basics in the white and black.

You'll also know whenever a piece is from our warehouse sale because they'll have a contrasting waist trim to it. So we've fixed all these up, so you've got the really soft waist trim on them. And then we've got the body of the garment here that is a bamboo as well. So not as high quality as what you get from the Australia made, but still a really good piece. So a boyleg or a brief, so you can see the difference between the two there. Again, in sizes eight to 22, and they're only available until sold out. So from time to time, you'll see different colors come through, but they will have a contrasting waist band, so they're easily identifiable for you. And obviously they're a lot cheaper in price. One of the reasons we chose to do these pieces as a warehouse sale is so many garments end up in landfill every year.

The pieces that we couldn't save, we have actually sent off to a company called Upparel to actually break down those pieces and reuse the fibers and the fabrics that are there. They're used in durable pads, underlays for carpets, couches, those sorts of things, because they were brand new garments. We wanted to make sure they didn't end up in landfill. So the pieces that could be salvaged that were good enough, that they do actually are user friendly and can be worn and they just purely aesthetic things that have happened. We are actually selling through them at cost price to clear them and hopefully give people some really cheap bamboo underwear.

Now coming up, we have talked about it before, but I wanted to really showcase it. So here is a sample piece of our crop top, so please know this is just a sample. So it's got the full of back coverage, we've got a beautiful low neckline for you.

It can be worn with, or without a bra, it is wire free. So it's a crop top bralette can be used for sleeping, if you want to use it at the gym, et cetera. All finished off with our chevron waist trim that sits under bust. They're going into production very soon, we are just finalizing some things on the pattern so we can grade them all out and get the production going again, using the same fabric that we use now, white, black, and tie dive range, the highest quality Australian made fabrics at a great addition. So for those of you who want to do more of a set look that you have a top and a pair of underwear that matches. So you've got that matching look, which I have to say, I do love that gives you an offering in there. So that will be coming into the range very soon, keep an eye out for that.

Finally, the last piece I want to talk about as summer is fast approaching us here in Australia, we have our anti chafe shorts. So for me, wearing skirts, dresses in summer can be a little bit painful. I don't have a thigh gap. I'm cool with that, but I do need a little bit of extra help. So something that offers you a little bit more support or coverage, I should say in that thigh area, we are bringing in our anti chafe shorts. So as you can see from this one again, finished off with a chevron elastic trim. The top of it's really based around the boy leg underwear that we're already ranging, gives you a fuller leg and a nice area in the crotch. So breathable all those benefits of all the other pieces we've got and then gives you a longer thigh coverage to really allow you to go about your day, doing what you want.

Again, it will be available in sizes eight to 22 within the range, so really excited to share that. And again, we'll keep you updated on our socials as more dates, et cetera, come to hand with those pieces. So that the range in a nutshell, where we've been, where we are and where we are going, just gives you a really good in sighting to seeing how the different pieces work and looking at them as a whole in our range. So hope you get some clarity now, don't forget to jump on and support local by shopping at our Australia made range of bamboo underwear on our website at Alternatively, use the link tree link in our bio on social media.

Thank you so much for your support and that of a local made underwear brand, really appreciate your time as always for episode seven. And yeah, can't wait for you to join me in episode eight, we'll be doing an interview with Annaliese Gann, who is a model influencer with over 100,000 followers on social media, 65,000 on TikTok and continually growing and just an incredible woman who's really navigated the world of social media. So wanted to have a chat with Annaliese about her experience, the good, the bad, and how she's grown and how she loves engaging with her followers. So thank you so much for your time. Look forward to seeing you in episode eight and you joining me on my conversation with Annaliese, take care, stay well.


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Trying to find the right underwear size can be difficult due to different companies making different sizes. To make things easier we have created a step by step guide to take the guess work out of the equation.

Below we have measuring instructions with images to assist you.  

Finding your size in our Underwear Range:

All you need to do is take a couple of simple measurements; your waist, your lower waist and your hips. The best way to do this is by using a soft measuring tape and a mirror to ensure you are accurate.  If possible stand in front of a mirror when taking your measurements to ensure that the measuring tape is also parallel to the floor and is flat.

Measurement 1: Your waist

Your waist is the natural in indentation above your hips or just below your rib cage (see image). Wrap the soft measuring tape around firmly without pitching your skin together – write this measurement down.

Measurement 2: Your Lower Waist

Your lower waist is approx. 12cm down from your waist.  Take your measuring tape and run this down from your waist to 12cm (see image). Wrap the soft measuring tape around this area firmly without pitching your skin together – write this measurement down.  

Measurement 3: Your hips

Now wrap the soft measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips, this is approximately 25cm below your waist (see image). Use the mirror to check that your measuring tape is completely straight and parallel to the floor – write this measurement down.



Finding your size in our Crop Top Bralette Range:

All you need to do is take a couple of simple measurements; your Full Bust and your Lower or under bust. The best way to do this is by using a soft measuring tape and a mirror to ensure you are accurate.

Measurement 1: Your Full Bust

Your Full Bust is the fullest part of your bust (see image). Ensure that the measuring tape is completely straight and parallel to the floor. Wrap the soft measuring tape around firmly without pitching your skin together – write this measurement down

Measurement 2: Your Lower or Under Bust

The Lower or Under bust is measured by wrapping the measuring tape around your rib cage directly under your bust (see image). Wrap the soft measuring tape around firmly without pitching your skin together – write this measurement down


ELC Size 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22
Full Bust Measurements (cm) 81-87 87-93 93-99 99-105 106-114 115-123 124-130 131-137
Lower or Under Bust Measurement (cm) 61-67 67-73 73-79 80-86 87-39 94-100 100-106 107-113
Waist Measurement (cm) 75 80 85 90 95 100 110 115
Lower Waist Measurement (cm) 90 95 100 105 110 115 120 125
Hip Measurement (cm) 95 100 105 110 115 120 125 130
USA 4 to 6 6 to 8 8 to 10 10 to 12 12 to 14 14 to 16 16 to 18 18 to 20
UK 6 to 8 8 to 10 10 to 12 12 to 14 14 to 16 16 to 18 18 to 20 20 to 22
EUROPE 34 to 36 36 to 38 38 to 40 40 to 42 42 to 44 44 to 46 46 to 48 48 to 50


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