Dalena - BTS Q&A

November 25, 2019

Dalena - BTS Q&A

Today we're going behind the scenes with Dalena at our photo shoot.

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Interview Transcript:

Dalena: Hello, my name is Dalena Leggieri Ebadi. I am a professional dancer and dance teacher. I have a dance studio in Prahran that we've just opened up this year called HD Entertainment. So it's quite exciting. I dance and teach with my husband, which is all sorts of things amazing. And I'm really happy to be here today.

Question: What made you decide to apply for the Everyday Lingerie Co. real woman model search?

Dalena: I work with a lot of young ladies, so we do teach a lot of young dancers and I just think it's really important to actually share body confidence to those young girls as they're maturing into young ladies.

So, for me it was really about pushing myself into doing something that I'm a bit uncomfortable with and it's out of my comfort zone. And just actually sharing with those young ladies that actually you should really be proud of your body and what you have, and everything is great that you embody and all that kind of stuff.

Question: What age did you become confident in your skin?

Dalena: Okay. So I probably gained quite a bit of confidence around the age of 23 I would say. And that's when I started working as a dancer a lot more. Especially, that's when I delved into the Latin style and I think Latin specifically embodies the curvy shaped ladies a lot more.

I do still have days where I am very self-conscious about how I look and how I feel. I might feel bloated and gross and I still have to get into a costume. But I somehow pull it together and get my act together and still do it. At the end of the day, I love performing so that takes over the nerves and things like that.

Question: What is one word you would use to describe yourself?

Dalena: It's a very tough question. I'm going to go with creating. I actually love, love creating. I love coming up with different things and new things all the time and I love sharing that with ladies and the younger generation. And yes, that's me.

Question: What is your favourite body part and why?

Dalena: This is a weird one. This is a weird one, my shoulders. They're just always so smooth and they never change. I can always rely on it. I can rely that they're going to look good in an off-the-shoulder top, singlet top, in a shirt. It just works. Yeah.

Question: What style best represents you; brief, boyleg or g string and why?

Dalena: I'd have to say a G-string. Anything else, just my butt eats it. I can't go past anything else.

Just happens. Look, I've tried to do a really good brief or boyleg. It just ends up, up there anyway. So I might as well just keep it that way.

Want to learn more about Dalena? Meet Dalena @ HD Entertainment

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