Focus on how you feel – ways to keep healthy that aren’t fitness regimes

June 29, 2020

Focus on how you feel – ways to keep healthy that aren’t fitness regimes

Keep on moving

It can be so tempting to couch-potato it up right now. It’s cold and rainy in Melbourne, and we’re all mostly staying indoors anyway. But physical activity can help mental health as well as immunity, so if you are able to, you might actually feel better if you can get moving for a few minutes every day. Get those endorphins going.

I’ve seen way too many social media posts from people casually saying how much weight they will put on in isolation—my first thought was who cares? How’s your mental health? Because you all know this, but I will keep on saying it-- your measurements don’t define you and never will.

For me, movement is a thing I do for myself. It lifts my vibration. I do what feels good for me, and it makes me happy and more energetic. It’s not about counting squats or doing reps on a home gym machine (but props to you if that’s your thing.) It’s personal, and it is what works for me and my body.

So here are some ideas of creative movement if you’re feeling a bit stuck and haven’t found your thing yet.

Dance it up

In my house, we choose dancing. Dancing while cooking. Dancing while getting dressed. Dancing from room to room. And I mean properly exuberant crazy-dancing, sometimes to the point of injury.

I once pirouetted across the lounge room floor, and somehow my toe went right into Ziya’s walker. The entire walker flew up into the air and my toenail went with it. Ziya learned a lot of four-letter words that day, but we kept on dancing, because that’s what we do.

And remember, no one is watching, so go crazy. Laughing at yourself is great medicine. 

(Sidenote: If you decide to go with this one, you should also seriously check out ELC’s #dancinginyourundies competition. More info at the bottom of the post).

Make like a yogi

If you want something a bit more chill, this could be for you.

Did you know there are literally thousands of free yoga videos on YouTube? And some are even created to be done with your munchkin, if you have kids at home with you. Though it may not be as zen. (Spoiler alert- it definitely will not be). 

But if you can snag 30 minutes and an old towel or mat, light some candles and try some yoga moves, it’s a great chance to take some deep breaths, remember some long-forgotten muscles, and feel more centred and balanced.

Embrace your inner child

When was the last time you jumped on a trampoline? You can buy mini ones if space is a concern, and they are seriously fun for everyone, not to mention a great workout. I loved watching @goldiehawn post from May 14th post with the caption – My crazy @mindup mindful movement for today.  Dance, jump and twirl like nobody’s watching.

Even NASA endorses them. Apparently jumping on a trampoline increases the level of oxygen in your cells and can lead to decrease in blood pressure. Jump-ropes are equally great and wonderfully retro.  Plus you can have jumping competitions. Sign me up.

Body weight exercises that are actually fun

If you want something a little more structured, check these out.

They can be done during other activities too, like squats while you watch TV, push-ups against a wall or the kitchen counter while you’re cooking, or single-leg step-ups when you go up the stairs. If you want a challenge, you can use cans or bags of rice for weights. Or even your kids.  They’ll probably love it.

Just remember to keep it fun and do what feels right. Remember this is all about raising your happiness and mental health.

Have you guys seen the dish-soap / floor treadmill guy? He is proof that this one can be hilarious.

Whatever you do, be kind to yourself. Your measurements don’t define you. The number on the scale or your clothing is not relevant to your life. Check in on your mental health and the mental health of those around you. Because that’s what matters most.

And if you haven’t heard yet, we’re running an amazing video competition because we know you’ve got killer moves, and we want to see them!

Jump on our socials to find out the next song and submit a video of you dancing to it in your undies. You could be the next face and booty of ELC!

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