Meet Julie Goodwin @Julie Goodwin Couture

July 15, 2019

Image of fashion designer Julie Goodwin, Julie Goodwin Couture

Today we have the pleasure of spending some time with the ever-talented designer Julie Goodwin from Julie Goodwin Couture in her Albert Park studios.

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Danielle: In a world of fast-moving consumer fashion, where cheap clothes are worn for one season and readily disposed of the next, the longevity of investing in quality, tailored outfits and that is kept and worn for years is the very antidote of fast fashion. With that being said, today we get the pleasure of spending some time with the ever-talented designer Julie Goodwin from Julie Goodwin Couture in her Albert Park studios.

I know from having met you and making my beautiful wedding gown that this wasn't actually where you started. You didn't just go, "I want to become a fashion designer and..."

Julie: No, no. Yeah.

Danielle: So tell me a little bit about the journey to get here.

Julie: I had a lot of friends at the time who were kind of returning to work after having children.

Danielle: Yes.

Julie: And they were really struggling with what to wear because of the pressure they felt, and this was pre-Instagram. I just thought they were beautiful women. They were gorgeous, and they'd just had their body do the most amazing thing. They have just given birth. And they've spent all this time making sure their child was okay to be sent off to school. And now they're terrified of the product they present to the world. And I wanted to help them.

Danielle: I love that.

Julie: That's it.

Danielle: Yeah.

Julie: And that as simple as I thought, "Oh, I can make clothes and I can put outfits together."

Danielle: You've got women coming in who sometimes you were having to encourage, and help work them through it. How do you work through that with your different clients that come in so...?

Julie: I just put myself on their team and try to nurture them through it.

Danielle: It's almost like you're making a piece of confidence for someone.

Julie: Yeah, that's it's not about your body being wrong. It's about the clothes that are not right for your body.

Danielle: I think the other part about a bespoke garment is not having a number on the back of it.

Julie: Yep, there's no size.

Danielle: It isn't. It's...

Julie: Size you.

Danielle: It's size you.

Julie: When I started out one thing that I did study when I went to school was drawing. I did lots and lots and lots of life drawing, and I learned that there is beauty in every type of body shape. A woman's body is beautiful, the soft bits, the hard bits, all the bits are beautiful. It's just about the way we put it all together and put it out there.

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