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Meet Carolynne Sady

Meet Carolynne Sady

Today we're super excited to be sitting down with Carolynne Sady, a nursing coordinator for over 20 years and big sister to Everyday Lingerie Co. founder, Danielle Sady.

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Danielle: Today we're super excited to be sitting down with Carolynne Sady, who is not only a nurse, nursing coordinator for over 20 years and mum to two sassy felines called Marvin and Daisy, both rescue animals, and Cozzie the cockatiel. Most importantly, she's my big sister.

I really want to talk about growing up in the same household. We were four very different women in shapes, sizes, height, personality.

Carolynne: Personality.

Danielle: I mean we had one sister who's got the most amazing glamazon body you've ever seen. For me, I found myself comparing myself a lot to her growing up, and I found that quite troubling to me to understand that I was perfect just the way I am even though I didn't look like her.

Carolynne: It's really only been in the last six months that I truly have not felt like I was the ugly duckling walking next to her, because I did feel like that for many, many years. Didn't matter how good I thought I looked in the mirror, the second she walked out of the bathroom and I knew I was stepping out with her. I would feel like the ugly duckling.

Danielle: It's not that they are doing anything, that other person, it's just their being themselves and they're quite confident in who they are. And that's amazing power to them for that. But the self-talk and the self-doubt we create in ourselves, that it's taken you to this point in your life to actually go, "Do you know what? I'm exactly who I'm meant to be.".

Carolynne: Yeah. And it's really empowering to finally come into your own and be able to walk next to that person and feel amazing.

Danielle: And today in life, would you say you've fallen in love with your body as well as you saying you've got an inner peace, would you say part of that comes with the physical aspect, too, of yourself?

Carolynne: Absolutely. With a lot of work on myself, emotional healing, and it's affected every area of my life, especially my confidence within myself. So ability to make decisions that I'm 100% happy with, but spend more time walking around naked than I ever have. Finally embracing me for who I am. And that is every part of me.

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