My personal journey through womanhood…

April 26, 2021

My personal journey through womanhood…

Vanessa Lawrence 

Award-winning Personal & Corporate Stylist 

The Style Vibe by Vanessa Jane

Helping people look and feel their best so they have the confidence to embrace every day from a place of power. 


Raised by my grandparents from 6 weeks old my journey of becoming a woman has had its challenges.

Growing up without a present female role model and having my grandmother separate from my grandfather whilst I was on a school camp at just 10 years old definitely had me experience feelings of unworthiness, a lack of confidence and self-love among a host of other things.

Although I have always had a happy go lucky nature, my emotional and mental state throughout my younger years was extremely low. This played out through me making poor choices and surrounding myself with others who were also affected by trauma.

I was however fortunate enough to have a few key adult women in my life who showed me a lot of love and support, nurtured my creative soul and provided me with the tools to get where I am today!

My primary school bestie Mel, shared her wonderful mum Janette and Aunt Cathy, both hairdressers who invited me into their family as one of their own providing school lunches most days, dressing me for school disco’s and allowed me to ‘hang’ in the hair salon everyday after school showering me with love and kindness for many years.

These ladies introduced me to the world of style and creativity!

I loved the fast-paced fun environment. A salon full of women chatting and getting the latest hairstyles. I always noticed their client’s confidence as they walked out into the world and soon, I also understood that feeling too – when I got my first spiral perm! (yep – it was the 80’s and I thought I looked sensational!)

Two other fabulous women who a huge influence on me and my personal development were Carolyn & Bri. Owners of our local surf store, these ladies (after a ridiculous amount of hassling), gave me my first job in fashion as I had quit school at the ripe old age of 15 (year 8 at Westport High School).

Over the next 10 years I worked at Innervision Surf n Skate absolutely loving every moment. As my knowledge of women’s garments, surf products, business and people grew – so did my confidence.

For the first time in my life, I felt valued, pretty and best of all I felt hope for a brighter future.

Bri & Carolyn were so kind and supportive not only to me personally but understood and trod gently when it comes to supporting, me through parts of my dysfunctional childhood and family.

They showed me unconditional love, believed in me and backed me – even when it was time to hang up the last bikini and leave the store and move into the corporate world of finance.

I love them both so very much and would 100% not be person and have the fashion industry and customer service experience I have today without them.

The other woman who had played a consistent part in my life and still does is my aunty Isabell or ‘Aunty Iz’ as I like to call her.

Poor Aunty Iz didn’t have a great upbringing either but somehow managed to be a loving mum to 3 children, was my role model when it came to having a clean and tidy house. Isabell showed me the importance of cooking good healthy food, told me I was beautiful and encouraged me to believe in myself. Now I must say – we do fight sometimes! BUT I love her dearly and again I would not be who I am without her support. Isabell gave me the confidence to love myself.

Married at 19, and by the time I was twenty-one, I had two beautiful children Thomas & Jazmin. I am a sufferer of sever endometriosis and so was advised by my doctor “If you are thinking about having children you need to think about having them soon” – which I did.

Experiencing pregnancy and childbirth at an early age with just a little bit of support was bloody hard. I didn’t particularly enjoy my first pregnancy although I tried really hard (to be really honest I don’t think I had the maturity to appreciate the wonder that I was growing inside me!) Being 19 all I wanted was to be skinny and pretty having fun like everyone else my age – however…  I am so grateful every single day that I was fortunate enough to have my children – they are absolutely amazing and like all of us Mumma’s I will protect them fiercely until the day I die.

Both of my children were born with no complications and are just as beautiful today as the day they were born – my beautiful babies!!! I could not fathom life without them.

Fast forward to 2019 after many years of mothering, changed careers and the ‘busyness’ of life as we know it, I became a qualified Personal Stylist through Australian Style Institute in Melbourne.

At 38 years old I had finally started to really love myself, accept my flaws and most of all back myself! Not only did I LOVE my personal styling journey with ASI from day one – I am really proud to say I completely surprised myself being awarded ‘The One To Watch’ award 2019, and the prestigious ‘Stylist Of The Year’ in 2020!

I have now been running my business The Style Vibe for just over 3 years and am constantly inspired by my clients and the women around me. No matter what age, shape, size or demographic myself and my business is totally inclusive with a goal to increase body confidence by using fashion and help clients to achieve a higher level of self-love and personal success.

Working alongside Everyday Lingerie Co in this series Journey Of A Women’s Life has been such a truly amazing experience allowing me to have conversations with women who’s life span over 70+ years and gain an insight into some of their stories and struggles.

It is both an honour and a privilege to be in a position to work with not only a fantastic Australian brand, founded by a talented and genuine female entrepreneur who values people, the environment and shows such great responsibility in way the Everyday Lingerie Co social media pages are presented to us – everyday women all around the globe.

I never would have thought growing up in a small little town on the north coast of NSW I would have the opportunity to use my experience to help and inspire others!

Everyone is unique, has a past and everyone has a story – thank you for listening to mine.

I hope you will go forth with love in your heart, an open mind and a willingness to ‘back yourself’ in the journey of self-love, accepting that you are an exceptional woman just like me.

Always choose kindness and remember you are so very deserving of what makes you look and feel good EVERYDAY.

Vanessa Jane xxx


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