How to feel good in your own skin this January

January 25, 2021

How to feel good in your own skin this January

Despite the evolving conversation around body acceptance and inclusivity, we’re always subjected to the same tired rhetoric at the start of each year.

From slogans that encourage a “new year, new you!”, to the annual assurances of a “better body by February”, the messaging is reliably unhealthy. Ignoring such ideals can prove difficult, especially when it feels like everyone around us is resolving to be their ‘better selves’ in the coming months.

Diet companies might have you believe otherwise, but the idea that you should be treating 2021 as a time to strive for external betterment is equal parts dated and potentially damaging. In reality, it’s just another calendar month and you’re perfect just as you are – but that doesn’t mean even the most confident among us can’t sometimes fall victim to myths that are so widely perpetuated.

Here at ELC, encouraging women to feel good about themselves and celebrate their beautiful bodies is at the heart of what we do. So, to help you navigate this often tricky time, we’ve put together a few tips that you can fall back on if any negative thoughts creep in – because ultimately, the only thing that needs improvement is society’s old-fashioned outlook on health and happiness.

1. Take stock of your social media feed 

Social media can be a powerful tool for connection and change, but it can also open us up to unhealthy practices, such as comparing ourselves to others. If you notice yourself feeling down when you’re engaging with certain accounts, unfriend or unfollow them. Life is too short to waste a moment on anything that lessens your capacity for self-love, so switch off or mute and seek out more positive sources of inspiration online.

2. Treat yourself to a little self-care 

Indulging in a little TLC can do wonders for subverting a negative mindset. Rather than worrying about the way you look, devote some time to fail-safe exercises that always make you feel incredible. For us, that means slipping on a set of sexy lingerie separates (we’ve got you covered on that front!), taking a long walk, or languishing in a hot bath with a good book and a face mask. Discover what works for you and do it often. 

3. Focus on positive self-talk 

When you can recognise your thoughts are heading in a less-than-positive direction, try to counteract them with more uplifting ones. Speaking to ourselves in a kind, compassionate manner can help to reframe unhelpful thoughts and assist in cultivating a better mood overall. It can be challenging, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re finding it difficult. Simply take a breath, restart and repeat to yourself – I am perfect just as I am.

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