Q&A - Annaliese Gann

July 08, 2019

Image of plus-size model Annaliese Gann

We couldn’t think of a more beautiful human to interview about self-confidence than plus-sized model Annaliese Gann. In between castings and property managing in Melbourne, she took some time out to chat with #ELC about all things body positive.

We have to start with a lingerie question! What type of undies are you? Brief, Boyleg or G String?

G String all day, every day!

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’ve just started back working 9 AM - 5 PM. I get up every morning at 6 AM and hit the gym until 7:30 AM. I then go home and make my avocado and banana smoothie, have an espresso shot and head to work! When I get home, I go through my social media and modelling emails, buy some dinner or go to an event or a model casting.

If it’s a day where I’m modelling, I usually prep with coffee and a walk beforehand and upload pics on Instagram - it literally depends on the day. My days are always busy, and I love it.

What’s the one word a loved one would use to describe you?


What did you dream of doing for a career as a child?

I always dreamt of being a singer! In high school I was always the show-off on stage, or in a band and playing at every music concert. I was going to study music, but I didn’t really feel compelled to do it when I got older. You always fall into what you’re meant to be doing.

How did your journey start as a body confident model?

I started modelling in Bunbury (where I’m from) but I was a teenager, and much smaller. I became quickly obsessed with the industry and dieted down to a Size 6 (I then had an eating disorder). I was still a good model and booked work, but I was suffering on the inside.

I had a trip away to Sweden which changed the way I saw beauty, as I was exposed to diversity. I came back and doubled in size to a Size 12 and did a few shoots. I sent them to agencies and was eventually signed. I started posting my journey on Instagram, and it was a snowball effect.

How would you describe your relationship with your body now?

I fell in love with my body when I was 20 - only 3 years ago. I realised that I can’t change my genetics, and I’m confident in how I look at my size. I stopped putting myself down, and began looking at celebrities who were my size and great role models, and focused on them (not women who I’d never look like!)

What is your favourite body part, and why?

I got legs for days!

How do you deal with the ugly side of social media?

I’ve felt the full effect of online trolls. I can’t say that I deal with it. Whenever someone says something unkind, I text my sister and she’s like, “Oh my god! Don’t worry. Who cares? Have a thick skin”. Being a model, you can’t be sensitive. So over time I’ve become pretty ruthless when it comes to people attacking me - I don’t care as much as I used to.

What are your favourite things to do in your ‘down’ time?

I like to travel and go on weekend trips. I like working out. I like playing my guitar, drinking coffee and laying in the sun like a lizard. I like going to non-crowded beaches and listening to music all day, and I like visiting my family in Western Australia when I get the chance.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life, and why?

Everyone I meet inspires me in some way!

What do you see as your biggest achievement?

I’d say becoming a prominent figure in the Australian curve modelling community. I come from a small farming town in Western Australia with little resources, and didn’t know anyone in the industry when I started. I left my family when I was 18 to pursue my dreams and didn’t go home when things got tough. I’ve always persisted with my career - and it has paid off.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

“You’re not always right, Annaliese!” Even if deep in your heart you think you are, sometimes you’re not (typical stubborn Taurus!)

What is your mantra in life?

Always look at the bigger picture, and relax. I made that up myself, but it’s how I live my life!

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