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Renee @ Natspa

Renee @ Natspa

Interview with Renee @ Natspa

Watch the video:

Interview Transcript:

Danielle: We're sitting down today to talk with the wonderful and always bright and bubbly, Renee, the skin therapist and part owner of Natspa here at Essendon, Victoria.  What do you think has been your biggest accomplishment with Natspa and the work that you guys do?

Renee: Look, I've had clients that I've been looking after for 20 years. So, you know, that's really touching that they've trusted me with their skin and their skin issues.  Obviously, keeping the doors open for such a long time. Small business is really challenging at times.

Renee:It's fun. It's nice being your own boss and calling the shots, in a way and setting your own hours, which is good.

Danielle: How do you find you work with your clients to instil that confidence? They may have an acne problem or they may have something that visually is prevalent to people. How do you work with those people to try and help them with the confidence?

Renee: I think apart from the physical treatment side of it, it's also like I touched on before, listening to their concerns. Encouragement is massive in our job. You know, we tend to find that when they do have self-esteem issues it's encouraging them not to compare themselves to anyone out there. Get off Instagram and get off social media because you know what? You're on your own journey. You're on your own skin path, your own journey. And it's not a race. It's a marathon to get to where you need to go.

Renee: And I find it, I guess some part counsellor sometimes.

Danielle: Definitely.

Renee: I have to be. And it's becoming a lot more part of my job, I think, in this day and age.

Danielle: But how is it that it works for you? What self-confidence do you have? Or, are you a self-confident person physically as well, or?

Renee: I think like all of us, when we have our days. The days where, you know, you think, "Yeah, I'll go right today. I'm doing okay." And other days that you might just be derailed by something that's happened. You know, you're only human if you don't have those days.

Danielle: Yeah.


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