Slowing down fast fashion - how ELC is doing its part

July 13, 2020

Slowing down fast fashion - how ELC is doing its part

The words “Sustainable fashion” no longer conjure up images of baggy canvas and hessian clothes, with huge designers like Stella McCartney proving to the world that clothing can be both chic and eco-friendly.

Everyone is waking up to the impact that fast fashion has on the environment and the supply chain (there’s a big cost behind super-cheap clothing!). The State of Fashion Report even called 2019 the “year of awakening,” with shoppers around the world starting to demand and expect transparency about where their clothes are made and how they are produced.

At ELC, we know that shoppers are looking for underwear that they can both feel good in and feel good about wearing.

Fashion is slowing down

Fashion mentality is becoming more thoughtful and less buy-everything. It is not about buying a new cheap wardrobe every season—now it’s more about saving for an investment piece that you will love for years.

Have you heard of the 30-wear rule? The idea is you do not buy anything new (from jewellery to shoes and everything in between) if you won’t wear it 30 times. If it’s going to be less than 30 times, try to buy it second-hand or rent or borrow it instead.

This has resulted in huge trends toward second-hand and upcycled clothing. And as much as I love a good fashion op shop find, that is not an option when it comes to your underwear. At all.

How ELC works to create a sustainable fashion future

That’s why we work so hard to ensure that our ELC underwear comes from a safe supply chain, made in ethical factories from sustainable materials that will make them last and last. This is not cheap fashion.

See, when you choose a cheap pair of underwear, they will probably look good at first. But after a few wash-and-wears, will tear or fade or stretch, ending up at the back of the drawer and ultimately in the bin. You will have to go back to the shop again in a month or two to buy more and repeat the cycle.

By investing in higher quality clothing now, you can keep those underwear pieces looking great on your bum instead of in landfill.

It’s really about planning and changing mindsets. Yes, it does cost more to buy clothes made from premium fabrics. But what are the hidden costs of buying a cheap fast-fashion product that doesn’t actually tick all the boxes? Buying a handful of high-quality pieces each year instead of armloads from the high street will eventually leave you with a high-quality wardrobe that will last, since you don’t have to replace the items constantly or worry about where they came from.

So you’re buying less often, saving money, wearing longer and feeling great. Not to mention reducing that carbon footprint.

By changing what you spurge on, you can actually create that dream quality wardrobe sooner than you think. Instead of blowing cash on a fancy dress or occasion shoes you will wear once, borrow those things and invest in a great pair of jeans, for example. Maybe they cost more than you’d normally spend, but you will only buy one pair this year and you will wear them every week. (Or, ahem, some incredible bamboo undies that make you feel like a queen under every outfit.)

After a few seasons, you will have a high-quality wardrobe you can feel great about.

Here at ELC, we would love for 2020 to be the year that the fashion industry commits to doing its part for climate change. By sending the message to shops that you don’t want cheap fashion anymore, you can help make it happen.

Is it time to refresh your underwear drawer with some pieces that are really made to last?

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