The ELC Monthly Brief - September 2021

September 27, 2021

The ELC Monthly Brief - September 2021

With the first month of spring ending, we wanted to take the time to reflect on the month that was with the September Monthly Brief (yes, we still love this pun).

It’s been another interesting month.

So, picture this. It’s Wednesday 22nd of September at around 9:15am. We were sitting at ELC HQ offices working through our morning like any other normal day. Our offices sit on the second level above our warehouse, and I had just finished my call with a client. Next minute the desk and windows started shaking, the floor was moving, and we could visually see the computers all vibrating.  I turned to Sal (hubby) and asked, “What’s that?” to which he replied very quickly “It’s an Earthquake!”. 

Without even speaking we both got up from our desks and headed straight down the flight of stairs to the warehouse, making a beeline for an area that is clear of any racking or items.  From where we were standing, we could see our film studio area we have been setting up and even though the Earthquake had stopped, the 3 ring lights were still in motion and still settling.  A few things had fallen on a table, but nothing major. I’ll be honest, the shock was real for me. Like what I think most Melburnians were this morning, I was a little confused and disorientated for a minute.  We could hear a few voices outside in the car park and went outside to find people from all 12 warehouses/office in the industrial park we operate from were all outside too.  Everyone started asking each other if they were ok and it was so great to see neighbours all checking on each other even though we don’t really know each other at all! I really found it to be a great example of the Australian Spirit and I feel so honoured to be part of this community. 

At the start of September R U OK? Day took place, a day that is special to us here at ELC.

September 9th, 2021, was R U, OK? Day around the globe and I personally call my close circle of family and friends on this day every year to check in and ask this important question. This year it was a mixed bag, everyone is dealing with their own set of challenges and experiences.  From mum’s doing home schooling, to people whose businesses have been in a holding pattern. Friends who are struggling with living alone and being stood down at work indefinitely. Colleagues whose children are struggling with their emotions and mental health.  I personally felt so helpless on some of these calls. I listened and gave help where I could, but the biggest lesson I got from this is I need to start asking this specific question more often rather than just “How are you?” when I am interacting with people around me.  I learnt that I should not wait for a nominated day to ask, that it needs to become part of my conversations, so my circle know that I am here and that I care.  How do you ask your friends and family how they are in your conversations? 

Everyday Lingerie – Brief Talk Lounge Opening Soon.

If you have been following our socials, you would have seen we have been busy creating a dedicated space in our Head Office to run a segment called “Brief Talk”. We are so excited to introduce Brief Talk! For us, it’s about having a space where we can chat everything Everyday Lingerie Co, hold open discussions regarding topics to do with Self-Love, Body-positivity and all the topics we collectively as a community want to discuss, as well as have somewhere to share our range of bamboo underwear and bring you those exciting BTS moments of what we are doing.  When restrictions are lifted, we have some guest speakers joining us on the couch and we will also run LIVE chats so we can have open conversations to allow our community to raise their voice and share opinions.

What are some of the topics you would like to see discussed? Let us know so we can answer for you!

Have you been following the updates on our Stories on social media? 

Bamboo underwear clearance sale ON NOW

In our last Monthly Brief, we touched on the topic of fast fashion and landfill. With so many garments ending up in landfill already around the globe, we wanted to ensure that we did not contribute to this global issue.  So, we have set up a Sample Sale online to sell through garments that didn’t quite make the cut. 

You can find the link above in this blog, or alternatively head to the Shop Now section on our website and click through to the Sample Sale section.

All stock in our Sample Sale is Briefs and Boyleg being run out at $15.00 per piece! Please choose carefully as all sales on these items is final, no exchange or refund.

The reason these pieces didn’t make the cut to be sold previously are:

  • Slightly smaller cuts than patterns meaning the fabric was cut not correctly to their patterns, slightly off.
  • The fabric may have a mark on it.
  • The seam stitches may be slightly off, not 100% straight.
  • This stock is from our Phase 1 launch, this means it was made in China not Australia as per our new range.

If you have any questions, please reach out to or via our social media pages and we will gladly help. 


We are currently working on some new styles; a Crop Top, Anti-chafe shorts and 2 others we will share with you soon.  We were hoping to have the Crop Tops launched in September, but unfortunately, we have hit a few roadblocks with the lockdowns as our manufacturing has been impacted.  We have shared a few images that we know quite a few of you have picked up on across Facebook and Instagram and we are super excited about the feedback so far! I know there is quite a few of you waiting for them to be released and we will be sharing some dates in the coming month(s) around this to keep you updated.

The Crop Top Bralette has been designed with the same 3 principles our underwear range follows: comfort, support, and breathability.  Wire-free and made from the exact same materials as all our Briefs, Boyleg and G Strings, it offers you a relaxed fit Crop Top that moulds to the you and offers a matching set for those who love a matchy moment.  The Crop will range in sizes 8 – 22 just like our bamboo underwear range.  Black and White will be the first colours on offer, with our Limited-Edition Tie Dye pattern being a future special release.

If you want to take a closer look as the Crop Top images on socials, click here to check them out on our feed (and give them a like if you’re as excited as we are!). 

So that rounds out September at Everyday Lingerie HQ! I hope that you have had a great start to Spring or Autumn (depending on where in the world you live) and look forward to chatting with you all next month.

Sending positive vibes to you,

Danielle xxx

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