This International Women’s Day, let’s all be Unapologetically OURSELVES!

March 09, 2020

This International Women’s Day, let’s all be Unapologetically OURSELVES!

"One of the best things that ever happened to me is that I'm a woman. That is the way all females should feel." – Marilyn Monroe

Ever been told (or maybe just felt) you were over the top? That your laugh was too loud, your comment in the boardroom was too pointed, your joke at the dinner table was a bit out there? That maybe you needed to “tone it down” a bit?

Maybe you’ve noticed some men are intimidated of you. You're too opinionated, too honest, too loud or bitchy or demanding or sexual. For all my amazingly strong Everyday Women who have ever been told you are too much, this is for you.

Because frankly you are my kind of person.

Time to burn the idea of women being “too much” like it’s a 1960’s polyester corset and let that light shine bright.

It’s 2020, gals, and although we clearly still have a long road ahead, there’s never been a better time to be a woman.

How far women have come

There is a lot of coverage on gender pay gaps and discrimination against women, sexual harassment cases and stories of women getting screwed over after they take maternity leave. It’s not OK, and I’m angry as all heck about it.

If we can pause for a second and look back, it is unreal and unbelievably inspiring how much has been achieved by female change makers over the last 100 years.

I want to appreciate how far women have come, rather than dwelling on the gender gap

For most of the 1900s, women’s rights were secondary to men’s. Women rarely were allowed to work, and if they did, only in certain professions. They couldn’t run their own businesses or manage their own finances— with few exceptions, a lady’s place was seen to be in the home. Any man, during this time, who ‘permitted’ his wife to do these things was looked down upon as a non-provider.

Politics and board rooms were full of suits, and women, if in the office at all, were wearing nice skirts, quietly making coffee, and generally dealing with massive levels of condescension from ego driven co-workers.

Fast forward a few short decades

WOMEN ARE KICKING BUTT! We have female nation leaders, female CEOs, female entrepreneurs. Lady tradies and women in literally every profession. We also have women and men who are choosing to stay home and raise the next generation (a job I still consider one of the most important and toughest) because they want to do it.

The thing is, the natural female ability to empathise, organise, and communicate means we are bloody good at managing all this.

Female-driven movements are changing the world

On top of moving into professional space, women as a collective have decided to stop taking crap. And I am here for it.

I know too many women who have dealt with harassment in the workplace, pay gap issues, condescension—it was, and still is, a daily issue in our country. But the difference is, something has snapped.

We’re seeing global movements like Time’s Up and #metoo spreading across the globe and holding toxic men to account. We’re supporting each other to call out behaviour that’s not on, and these battles are now being held out in the open and in front of TV cameras, instead of behind closed doors and non-disclosure agreements.

An ode to my Everyday Women

This International Women’s Day, and ALL DAY’S, let’s celebrate our collective history as strong women. Let’s support ourselves and each other.

This is me as I am, no apology given and none needed. Let’s surround ourselves with people who let us be unapologetically ourselves, and if you don’t have those people in your life yet, set a goal this year to meet some women who will build you up, because we all know haters are going to hate.

So, let this be the year you’re unapologetically YOU!. Do more of what you love and question yourself less, treat yourself with unconditional love and support all the phenomenal women around you and encourage them to do the same. Let’s show each other how we’ll always have your back.

Love, Danielle XXX


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