Vanessa - BTS Q&A

December 23, 2019

Vanessa - BTS Q&A

Today we're going behind the scenes with Vanessa at our photo shoot.

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Interview Transcript:


Vanessa: I'm a mother. My name's Vanessa. I'm 34, and I'm here for today's photo shoot.

Question: What made you decide to apply for the Everyday Lingerie Co. real women model search?

Vanessa: Being a mother, you tend to forget about doing things for yourself. I was like, "I'm doing this for myself, screw you."

Question: What age did you become confident in your skin?

Vanessa: I was 26. I was living in the UK, and the men over there just craved women with curves, and it just made me feel sexy and wanted. Since then, I've been so comfortable with myself.

Question: What is one word you would use to describe yourself?

Vanessa: Inappropriate. I say things I'm not meant to at the wrong time, and people look at me. I have been sent to HR for that. But anyway, another story, another time.

Question: What is your favourite body part and why?

Vanessa: So I have a few. My eyes, my lips, and my tits, my breasts, whatever you want to call them. They just represent who I am. I'm wild, I'm crazy, I'm out there, and I just love them. I like showing them off.

They kind of represent who I am, and I think it shows a bit of my culture too. The Italian women, they're just so curvaceous and beautiful. I do, I feel beautiful. I know I'm curvy, and that's why I love them.

Question: What style best represents you; brief, boyleg or g string and why?

Vanessa:  This is one of the inappropriate comments. I'm going to go for brief. I'm easy. I'm easy, and I'm quick, and I love them. Comfy, quick to put on, just in me.


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Image of silhouette of woman wearing Everyday Lingerie Co. underwear

Trying to find the right underwear size can be difficult due to different companies making different sizes. To make things easier we have created a step by step guide to take the guess work out of the equation.

Below we have measuring instructions with images to assist you, alternatively we have a video taking you through each step.

Finding your size:

All you need to do is take 2 simple measurements; your waist and your hips. The best way to do this is by using a soft measuring tape and a mirror to ensure you are accurate.

Measurement 1: Your waist

Your waist is the natural in indentation above your hips or just below your rib cage (see image to right). Wrap the soft measuring tape around firmly without pitching your skin together – write this measurement down

Measurement 2: Your hips

Now wrap the soft measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips, this is approximately 7 inches below your waist (see image to right). Use the mirror to check that your measuring tape is completely straight and parallel to the floor – write this measurement down.

Example: If your waist is 78 cm and hips 104 cm we would recommend a size 12, however if you want a slight looser fit you may opt for a size 14.

ELC Size 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22
Waist Measurement (cm) 70 75 80 85 93 100 107 114
Hip Measurement (cm) 92 98 104 110 117 124 131 137
USA 4 to 6 6 to 8 8 to 10 10 to 12 12 to 14 14 to 16 16 to 18 18 to 20
UK 6 to 8 8 to 10 10 to 12 12 to 14 14 to 16 16 to 18 18 to 20 20 to 22
EUROPE 34 to 36 36 to 38 38 to 40 40 to 42 42 to 44 44 to 46 46 to 48 48 to 50


How to measure video - Size 12 example

How to measure video - Size 18 example