Vanessa Stylist Style - The Journey of a women - Closing

May 03, 2021

Vanessa Stylist  Style - The Journey of a women  - Closing

Vanessa Lawrence 

Award-winning Personal & Corporate Stylist 

The Style Vibe by Vanessa Jane

Helping people look and feel their best so they have the confidence to embrace every day from a place of power. 


Hello, and welcome to the last episode of the Everyday Lingerie Co vlog series, A Journey of a Woman's Life. Firstly, I would like to thank the beautiful Danielle, founder and director of the Everyday Lingerie Co for the opportunity to work together on this and present you what has been such an amazing series to work on.

Over the past couple of months, it is with much gratitude and respect. I have been fortunate enough to interview women age 15 to 70 plus and share with you our much loved Everyday Lingerie Co followers the evolution of women and how they view the world we live in today. It really was an honor to be invited into the hearts of my gorgeous guests and find out what is important to them during different stages of life. Find out what personal style means to them and also what's important when it comes to shopping for underwear.

We trust this series has been educational and inspirational and has allowed you to celebrate your uniqueness and provide you with the tools to love yourself and your body even more. As a stylist, I must admit one of the highlights was seeing the positive impact that underwear can have on a person. Seeing one of my gorgeous guests, the very effervescent, Monica, almost brought to tears as she rejoiced in the fact that the Everyday Lingerie Co Instagram page actually made her feel normal, and she was such a great advocate of the underwear itself as well.

Along with the huge amount of positive feedback, the girls gave to me on the colors and styles of the range, it really does ensure that you will have the perfect pair of undies for every outfit. And I'd also like to personally commend Danielle and the Everyday Lingerie Co team for creating not only a super comfortable underwear range, but a stylish underwear range that suits us everyday women.

I'm also excited to announce the range will now include a higher quality sustainably sourced bamboo fabric and updated waist trim for the ultimate fit in terms of style and comfortability. If like me, you love the way that this underwear range feels and fits, make sure you stay tuned because they will soon be releasing a new style to the range.

And lastly, I would sincerely like to thank you for sharing this journey with me. My goal as a personal and corporate stylist has always been to connect and build confidence in everyday women, support them, their businesses and brands who genuinely aligned with my personal and professional morals. I really hope that you've enjoyed the series and I hope we've been able to provide you with permission to love yourself every day.

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