Vanessa Stylist - The journey of a womans life with Eliza

March 08, 2021

Vanessa Stylist  - The journey of a womans life with Eliza

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Video Transcript:

Vanessa: Hi everyone, and welcome to the second part of the Everyday Lingerie Co. vlog series, The Journey of a Woman's Life. Today I've invited a very special guest in. It's Eliza, and I'd like you to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about what you do.

Eliza: Yeah, thank you. My name's Eliza. I work for a local property entrepreneur, Ideal Property Group. So we're sort of all things property. We've got eight real estates across the Mid North coast, a boutique property management. So we want to offer all our clients anything they need in terms of everything property. So, yeah.

Vanessa: Perfect.

Eliza: It's very exciting.

Vanessa: And so what is your role at Ideal Property Group?

Eliza: We've launched, as of last year, Elders Lifestyle Group. I look after people and culture. So recruitment, onboarding, et cetera, the list goes on with that.

But then, when I work with Dave Gray, he's a CEO of Ideal Property Group. No day's the same. So some days I'm working on DA plans with him, or I might be up, he owns a hotel up at Crescent Head, or it could be answering the phones on reception if someone's sick. It's sort of just getting in there and doing what needs to be done sort of thing.

Vanessa: I know you.

I know Eliza does a lot of work within the company. And she's fantastic at her job. How long have you been in this industry? And have you always been in this kind of role?

Eliza: Look, I've always worked for really high-profile people that have really busy jobs and things.

I started in banking as an EA. And then I went into real estate in Sydney and worked for a pretty high-profile agent there. So yeah, when I came back to port and met David, it really just all fell into place for me.

Vanessa: Yep.

Eliza: Yeah.

Vanessa: We've been working together, probably for over about six months or a bit more.

Eliza: Yeah.

Vanessa: I recently rebranded the Elders Lifestyle, or the Lifestyle group uniform. So Eliza and I've been working. And I've been so impressed with, not just her motivation, but her really vast skillset.

I just want to congratulate you on that because it's really amazing to see a young woman with so much passion for what she does and so great at her job.

Eliza: Thank you.

Vanessa: So thank you for coming in. Now, let's jump into it. Let's go straight to fashion. So this dress is amazing. Tell me about what's the brand and where did you purchase it from?

Eliza: So this is For Love and Lemons. Normally, when I was in living in Sydney, if I was going to the races, it's definitely a brand that I would wear.

I'm actually really into hiring my outfits at the moment.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Eliza: So I actually just got this off Designerex.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Eliza: Yeah.

Vanessa: Beautiful. That's beautiful. So do you do a lot of shopping online? Would you say that that's your go-to?

Eliza: All my shopping is online. Everything.

Vanessa: Okay. And do you have particular websites that you use more than others?

Eliza: Yeah, look, I love The Iconic because it feels like it's just got everything on it. And I love that I can order something and the next day it's at home.

That's why I like The Iconic, but probably Bec + Bridge, Camilla and Marc.

Vanessa: Yep.

Eliza: They're definitely brands that I love. Even something more affordable, Glasson’s. I find I can get really good things.

Vanessa: Yes. Yeah, they do have some great stuff there too.

Eliza: Yeah.

Vanessa: So when you go to choose an outfit, how do you think about the undergarments? Like what kind of other products do you use, or... Sorry. Any other things you wear? When you purchase a dress like that, for instance, with quite a low V, what's your go-to staples? Is it tapes? Is it...

Eliza: Yeah. I feel like I'm more fuller figured. So whether it's spanx, or tape, definitely is what I need.

But then you can really get Skims by Kim Kardashian. She has really amazing, really light fabric undergarments. So I have a few of her pieces and they're really, I mean, it's cliche Kardashian stuff, but it's actually really good, comfortable underwear, which is what I like.

Vanessa: Yeah. So on to my next question. You've been gifted some Everyday Lingerie Co, and you're wearing them today. So how do they fare up against the Kardashians pieces?

Eliza: Yeah. Pretty good.

No, really good. Yeah. It's...

I love the feeling, just comfortable underwear. And yeah. That's how it feels.

Vanessa: And the fact that it sits a bit more high wasted, I think... I was just looking at this dress and thinking it's so great that type of underwear just comes up nice and high.

Eliza: Well, yeah.

Vanessa: Talking about, let's go into body image. You seem to be a very confident young woman, both at work and in person. Has there ever been a time that you've actually struggled with your confidence, or your body image, and how have you moved through that?

Eliza: Yeah. Well I feel like that's a daily occurrence. Often, I can have meltdowns before I go out somewhere because I just don't like how the way I feel.

Yeah. Obviously I try and train as much as I can. And I feel like I've really found items of clothing and brands that fit my body shape. And I always buy things that I know that they're just going to fit me, whether it costs me a bit more money or not.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Eliza: Yeah.

Vanessa: For sure. So would you say that you've become, as you've got older, have more acceptance within yourself and therefore try and look for brands that are going to suit you for the now instead of-

Eliza: Yeah. I used to buy shorts that I knew would never fit. And I had them as goal pants. Where now it's like, it is what it is. I think a curvy woman is really attractive.

Vanessa: Is a beautiful woman. Yes.

Eliza: And it's really become more common.

Vanessa: Yeah. Yeah.

Eliza: Yeah, I buy what my size is. I don't buy a size 8 because I want to be a size 8. I know I'll never be a size 8. So yeah.

Vanessa: When we talk about body image and things like that, one of the first things that always comes up for me is social media because it's just so huge and it's in most of our lives. How do you feel about social media and what kind of effects does it have, if any, on your mental health?

Eliza: I'm obviously on social media. I love social media. But I think it's quite a scary thing moving forward, especially for younger kids, because growing up there wasn't Instagram and stuff like that. But yeah, I can scroll through my feed and just... You can straight away just not feel that great about yourself.

But I think it's also how you interpret things.

Vanessa: I know you've had a chance to look at the Everyday Lingerie Co. page. What really stood out to you about that page?

Eliza: Yeah, I thought it was quite real. And it wasn't just models on there. Or so it was just everyday women wearing the product. So I think that that's really important as well.

Vanessa: Yeah, sure.

If there was a young girl out there, say a teenager or a young woman, and she was struggling with her curves, what would you say to her to help her feel more confident about herself?

Eliza: I'd just learned to embrace it. I think curves are the way forward. And I think it's become really in fashion at the moment.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Eliza: So I think it's exciting.

Vanessa: Yeah, no, it's good. And you always look beautiful and beautiful inside and out.

Eliza: Thank you.

Vanessa: So that is really, really special.

Eliza, when you go shopping for underwear, what is important to you?

Eliza: Look, to be honest, I'm more about comfort than looks.

Vanessa: Yep.

Eliza: Under... I mean, no one really sees it.

 A nude or black comfortable bra. I've always been full-figured in that area, so I need a good comfortable bra that's not going to dig into me, and be uncomfortable, and show things.

Vanessa: Yep. And in your underwear?

Eliza: Underwear. Yeah, I only wear G string. So just a good comfortable G string as well. For the gym as well, so for my type seamless is probably preferred. But yeah, just like a general cotton comfortable G string.

Vanessa: Yep. Okay. Beautiful. And so future goals for Eliza Priddis?

Eliza: I'd really like to, probably this year, own an investment property. Or probably just more settled down in terms of my future. Yeah.

Vanessa: Beautiful. Well, I do want to thank you so much for coming in, and opening up, and being so honest with me. And I hope that this chat with Eliza, if anybody is out there, particularly as I said, younger women that are curvy, that are having some issues accepting their beautiful curves, you've got someone to look up. She is an absolute delight. She's a very successful young woman. And I'm just so thankful to have her with me on the couch today. So thanks for coming in.

Eliza: Thank you for having me.

Vanessa: Thank you.

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Below we have measuring instructions with images to assist you.  

Finding your size in our Underwear Range:

All you need to do is take a couple of simple measurements; your waist, your lower waist and your hips. The best way to do this is by using a soft measuring tape and a mirror to ensure you are accurate.  If possible stand in front of a mirror when taking your measurements to ensure that the measuring tape is also parallel to the floor and is flat.

Measurement 1: Your waist

Your waist is the natural in indentation above your hips or just below your rib cage (see image). Wrap the soft measuring tape around firmly without pitching your skin together – write this measurement down.

Measurement 2: Your Lower Waist

Your lower waist is approx. 12cm down from your waist.  Take your measuring tape and run this down from your waist to 12cm (see image). Wrap the soft measuring tape around this area firmly without pitching your skin together – write this measurement down.  

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All you need to do is take a couple of simple measurements; your Full Bust and your Lower or under bust. The best way to do this is by using a soft measuring tape and a mirror to ensure you are accurate.

Measurement 1: Your Full Bust

Your Full Bust is the fullest part of your bust (see image). Ensure that the measuring tape is completely straight and parallel to the floor. Wrap the soft measuring tape around firmly without pitching your skin together – write this measurement down

Measurement 2: Your Lower or Under Bust

The Lower or Under bust is measured by wrapping the measuring tape around your rib cage directly under your bust (see image). Wrap the soft measuring tape around firmly without pitching your skin together – write this measurement down


ELC Size 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22
Full Bust Measurements (cm) 81-87 87-93 93-99 99-105 106-114 115-123 124-130 131-137
Lower or Under Bust Measurement (cm) 61-67 67-73 73-79 80-86 87-39 94-100 100-106 107-113
Waist Measurement (cm) 75 80 85 90 95 100 110 115
Lower Waist Measurement (cm) 90 95 100 105 110 115 120 125
Hip Measurement (cm) 95 100 105 110 115 120 125 130
USA 4 to 6 6 to 8 8 to 10 10 to 12 12 to 14 14 to 16 16 to 18 18 to 20
UK 6 to 8 8 to 10 10 to 12 12 to 14 14 to 16 16 to 18 18 to 20 20 to 22
EUROPE 34 to 36 36 to 38 38 to 40 40 to 42 42 to 44 44 to 46 46 to 48 48 to 50


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