Vanessa Stylist -The Journey of a women - Girls Chat (Part 1)

March 22, 2021

Vanessa Stylist  -The Journey of a women - Girls Chat (Part 1)

Vanessa Lawrence 

Award-winning Personal & Corporate Stylist 

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Video Transcript:

Vanessa: Hi everyone, and welcome to part three of the Everyday Lingerie Co. vlog series, The Journey of a Woman's Life. And I have some really, really special friends with me on the lounge today. I'm going to pass it over and get everybody to introduce themselves one by one.

Ebanie: Hi, I'm Ebanie, and I'm a mom of three, I'm a teacher's aide, and I'm studying to be a teacher as well.

Amanda: Hello, I'm Amanda, I'm 54, I'm a veteran of the Hospitality Industry, and I'm just about to embark on a new career.

Vanessa: Very exciting.

Kristal: Hi, I'm Kristal Kinsela. I'm a mom of three. I'm also an entrepreneur, I run a couple of businesses, and yeah.

Vanessa: She's amazing, and Moni...

Monica: Hey, I'm Monica, and I work for the Wesley Parents Next, and I have an 18-year-old daughter who's just left home, and I'm 50.

Vanessa: And it's been a very sad time hasn't it for us? Both of us, Mon and I have recently lost our beautiful big girls to the cities, but they're off living their dreams, which is something we're really proud of, isn't it, Mon?

Monica: Yeah, very proud.

Vanessa: Yeah, definitely. So girls, I'm going to just ask you a little bit about your personal style and where you get your inspiration from.

Ebanie: Probably starting off, I would definitely say from my mom. I look exactly like my mom and I think she's got a pretty amazing style, and she's had some great sessions with Ness as well, so I'm definitely following her footsteps.

Vanessa: Yeah, she does really look so much like her mom, and she's just such a beautiful woman, actually, let's do a shout out to Sue right now, she'll love that.

Amanda: Hi, Sue.

Ebanie: Hi, Mom.

Amanda: True Sue.

Vanessa: And Amanda, what about you? Where do you find your inspo from?

Amanda: Once again, I think I was very fortunate like Ebanie, to have a really very stylish mom. I remember as a kid growing up, I'm always looking at my mom and thinking how beautiful she was and how gorgeously dressed she was, and I think to top it off too, she made so many of those garments herself. She was a very talented seamstress.

Vanessa: Wow. Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Amanda: Yeah, I'm lucky to have inherited her sense of style. Yeah, so thanks to my mom.

Ebanie:  Yeah.

Vanessa: Beautiful. Beautiful. And Kristal?

Kristal: It's all mom power, don't you think? Well, I would say my mom and my sister because I grew up on hand-me-downs and not shops, and so that's where it's all come from, but I think these days I'm really heavily influenced from my daughter because lots of streetwear and practical clothes that I can move around in, particularly in this location where we live in.

Vanessa: Yeah. Yeah, and Kristal really does rock that lifestyle look, the white sneakers and the denim skirts and stuff. So yeah, you can check her out on Instagram. And Mon, where do you get your inspo from?

Monica: Well, I don't feel like I had had a particular style that I thought too much about, but I definitely feel a lot more conscious and thoughtful around my style since you did my styling and wardrobe edit, and I feel a lot more clear and focused now, and I go in shopping with always what you've taught me in my mind.

Vanessa: Oh, thank you, and Mon has also recently had a hair chopped and a little bit more edgy and that's just been absolutely amazing when she walked in this morning, I was like, "Wow." It looks wonderful. You look beautiful as usual.

Monica: Oh, thanks.

Vanessa: So next question is about fashion. So what are some of your favourite brands and what do you love about them?

Ebanie: I think my go-to really... Probably not so much brands, it's more about comfort and being a mom. I need to be in that space where I can be with the kids and have fun and still feel comfortable in myself as well. Yeah.

Vanessa: And Eb also looks good in anything she puts on, and she's an avid runner and very fit and healthy, so that definitely helps as well. What about you, Amanda? What are some of your favourite brands or stores?

Amanda: I think for myself... Once again, I've never been a brand advocate as such. I've always just been the kind of person that, if I love something, I buy it. I don't mind if it's $5 or $500, and I try to use the analogy to avoid buying things that just sit in a cupboard, and you don't wear. If in doubt, chuck it out, that's kind of my mantra that I try to live by with my fashion.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Amanda: It doesn't always work, but I try to incorporate that into my buying process.

Vanessa: Yeah. Yep. Beautiful. Okay, and what about you Kristal?

Kristal: I'm a little bit like Amanda. Yeah, I just buy what I like. I really love classics, so classic colours, blacks, whites, bold colours

Vanessa: Yeah.

Kristal: ... dress for comfort, so I mean I've... I guess I've explored some new brands after working with you, I'm on my style edit and I guess more around the corporate wear and corporate look-

Vanessa: Yeah.

Kristal: ... of workwear, and I like Witchery because they have a lot of classic type garments and things that really work and work well, and so does Portmans as well.

Vanessa: Yeah, Portmans does, doesn't it? They really do. Yeah, and really good in terms of cost and some great sales and...

Kristal: Yes.

Monica: Good cuts.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Monica: And good quality.

Kristal:  Yeah.

Vanessa: Yeah, and particularly the girls in the Port Central store in Port Macquarie, they're really helpful. I find they're really, they're really great and really helpful, so... And what about you Mon?

Monica: Yeah, well with my job recently changing, I've got... Have gone back into corporate wardrobe through the week too, and I'm the same, I really have found Portmans to be really great for that, and I really enjoy Heidi Beau over there at Settlement City.

Vanessa: Yeah. Yeah.

Kristal: Yes.

Vanessa: Yeah, Heidi Beau.

Monica: And I love Zara too.

Vanessa: Yep.

Amanda: OH, yeah.

Kristal: Yes. Zara's great.

Vanessa: Zara's great. Can Zara come to Port Macquarie? .

Kristal: Oh, no. It's such a long way to go.

Vanessa: Yeah, it is, isn't it? Yeah.

Talking about fashion, have you... Has anybody had any absolute fashion disasters that they want to share, like something super that's funny?

Ebanie: I'm just really grateful that social media wasn't around when I was growing up pretty much.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Ebanie:  There's no evidence.

Amanda: Oh, that felt great.

Vanessa:  Yeah, I agree too.

Ebanie: I have plenty of disasters.

Amanda: Oh, my goodness.

Monica: I've got a great story.

Vanessa: Okay, let's hear it.

Monica: When I was in year seven, I was living in Sydney and my mom was helping out on the garden store, and so I was helping her and I went to a girls' school, and I was getting around in my Ugg boots and helping mom, and didn't think about going home and getting changed that all the girls, this was going to be an opportunity to flaunt your fashion. And when they all showed up with their little white stilettos and...not stilettos but their little heels and stuff, and there's me and my Ugg boots been working on the garden store in the morning. I never live that down.

Vanessa: Oh, no. So how old were you then?

Monica:  13.

Vanessa:  13. Yeah, now if I think back to 13, I think I had my hair cut like Roxette, and I dyed it blonde, but because I'm Asian, it went orange, so it wasn't... Yeah, there is a photo floating around somewhere, but hopefully it's in the bottom of a box somewhere because that is definitely not coming up.

Amanda: One of your best looks.

Vanessa: Oh, one of my best. No-

Amanda:  Not one of your best.

Vanessa: ... Not one of my best, no. So much of our time is really spent on how we look and how we feel about ourselves. Has anybody struggled with their body image or is it an ongoing thing? And how do you combat that? What do you do to get yourself out of a bad place or make yourself feel better?

Ebanie: It's definitely an ongoing thing. My go-to is exercise, that's if I don't start my day without doing some sort of exercise, then it's probably not going to be that good a day. It makes me feel good. It makes me a better mom and...

Vanessa: Yeah.

Ebanie: ... sets me up for the day.

Vanessa: Yeah, beautiful. I love that. I really love that. What about you, Amanda?

Amanda: I definitely have struggled with some body issues over the years. I was a chubby teen. My mom was a very young mom and she was very slender, very attractive, and I was kind of this chubby teenager and I really did struggle with that, but I adopted some lifestyle habits very early on with diet and exercise when I was about 15. And I believe that is very much one of the reasons today why I've kind of maintained my slimness and my physique. It's definitely through positive attitude, positive eating and not as much exercise as you, but I do try and make sure I fit it in from time to time.

Vanessa: Yeah. Yeah. That's awesome. Kristal?

Kristal: Well, having kids changed my whole body, so I went from a slender person to really heavy set. I put on 35 kilos...

Vanessa: Wow.

Kristal:  ...with my daughter.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Kristal:  And then because had two children back to back... Really, really struggled after my son to lose the weight. It took a good 12 months, but I did I lost all 35 kilos, and for me now it's maintaining a consistent routine of eating well, exercising, getting out there, and then when I had my son, who's now two, I didn't put on the weight. Yeah.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Kristal: 12-year gap between the kids but this time around, I put on half that... not even half that weight, and it's just because I've obviously recognised having a healthy lifestyle. It's not being on a diet, it's eating well all the time and exercising all the time.

Vanessa: Mm-hmm (affirmative) definitely.

Amanda: I think diet is a dirty word.

Kristal: It is.

Amanda: To be honest

Kristal:  Yeah.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Amanda: I think it kind of sets you up for failure.

Kristal:  Definitely. You have to have... It has to be a lifestyle.

Amanda: Yeah.    

Vanessa: Yeah.

Kristal:  Yeah.

Amanda: That's too much about restrictions...

Vanessa:  Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Kristal: Yeah.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Amanda: ... kind of thing, whereas I think eating needs to be about balance.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Kristal: Definitely.

Vanessa: For sure.


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