Vanessa Stylist -The Journey of a women - Girls Chat (Part 2)

March 22, 2021

Vanessa Stylist  -The Journey of a women - Girls Chat (Part 2)

Vanessa Lawrence 

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Video Transcript:

Vanessa: One of my biggest things is I really try and encourage women to work with how they are in the present and accept themselves and love themselves, because I truly believe that we don't need to lose weight to look good. We can look good just as we are. So Mon, tell us a little bit about your journey.

Monica: Yeah, well, my weight has fluctuated. You've known me what must be about 20 years now, and my weight has always fluctuated up and down. One thing about getting older that I've noticed is while I still might not be comfortable with that, it doesn't define me anymore, and there's so many other parts of my life that I embrace. And I am who I am. You start to feel comfortable in your own skin. And I think that some of those lessons that time that I had with you, it was such a lovely day, and I got so much out of it. And I feel like now I can make the best of what I've got and just be me, I guess.

Vanessa: That's awesome. That's so great. That's really good. And in terms of these kind of pressure, do you think it's pressure that we put on ourselves, or do you think it's guided by society and perhaps social media? What's your take on all that, Eb?

Ebanie: Yeah, obviously, there's a lot going on with social media at the moment. I think we're probably in not a bad space, I think, for our young people. That's what we need to look for. Our young people's mental health is so important, and I think that they can be swayed by what is shown on that reel. And it's a snippet of people's lives. Most often, it's not reality. So I guess we need to have those open conversations with our young people. And me, as a mom and as an upcoming teacher, I want to be able to help our young people, and for them to believe that what they're doing and who they are as a person is okay. Is enough. You are enough. That's my take.

Vanessa: That's so beautiful. So true. Anybody else got anything to add on the pressure? Where do we get this pressure from, other than social media? Maybe, is it because we're looking to our friends or people in our community to try and think a certain way of us? Where do you think?

Amanda: Having not been a child of social media, I didn't have that influence in my life, but what I did feel, as I got into my twenties, was that certainly there was... It was the presence of media, once again, that alerted me to body issues. So we didn't have it on social media, but we had magazines. We had television. It was all about Hollywood. I have to say, too, breasts really came into vogue. Breast augmentation became a very big thing, and that was something that I felt very much influenced by, and it probably made me feel a little bit inadequate as well. So once again, it's a different form of media, but it had the same kind of impact upon my physicality and how I felt about myself, to a degree.

Vanessa: Yeah. Good point.

Kristal: It's really interesting, because for me it was actually sports. I was an Olympic freestyle wrestler for 10 years.

Amanda: Oh my God.

Vanessa: Far out. I did not know that about you. Oh my God, I'm never going to get into a fight with you.

Amanda: Talk about high achievers.

Vanessa: Yes, yes she is

Kristal: So, I grew up around the wrestling mat, and for youths, you have to make weight. So you're in age and weight divisions. If I wasn't at my weight, my mom had me in a sauna, I was eating lettuce leaves. And that's something that really can be quite damaging from a really early age, and that started at 10 for me.

Amanda: Pre-pubescent, too.

Kristal: Very much so. And then I was a late bloomer, in that sense, because I didn't get periods or boobs till later on because of how athletic I was and how lightweight.

Amanda: Wow.

Vanessa: Wow.

Kristal: It was intense.

Vanessa: That's crazy.

Kristal: I know.

Vanessa: Yeah. Mon, you got anything to add to that, about the social pressures?

Monica: I think when I was a teen, I was definitely influenced by magazines and body image and that sort of thing back then. You get to the age that I am, and you know that you weren't built to be six foot tall, and you can be healthier and you can exercise more and you can make better choices, but you're not going to change your overall frame and your body shape and your genetics. And really, there's nothing wrong with that, too.

Vanessa: No. No, that's right. Everybody is beautiful, literally.

Amanda: There's so many different bodies, isn't there?

Vanessa: Bodies. And talking about that leads me into the Everyday Lingerie Co. Instagram page. And everybody's on there, following, and checked it out. What is something that really stood out for you?

Ebanie: They're real people.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Ebanie: That's the biggest thing. And the undies are really comfortable. I'm actually wearing them at the moment.

Vanessa: Yeah. So we've all got the undies on, so we'll have a chat about that, too. But yeah, so the Instagram page is amazing. And obviously, if you're watching this, you're obviously following it, or maybe you're not. So if you're not, jump onto Everyday Lingerie Co. and follow those guys, because it is just such an amazing brand. That was one of the things that I absolutely loved about being offered the opportunity to work with them, is as soon as I looked at their Instagram page, before I even wore their underwear, just to have that, to be able to go onto a page and feel inspired and comfortable, and just really embrace all the different shapes and sizes of women. I think it's just absolutely fantastic.

Amanda: And not everybody's a Victoria's Secret model.

Vanessa: No. No. They can be an Everyday Secret model.

Kristal: Everyday.

Vanessa: Yeah, yeah. And I know you were really impressed, too, weren't you, Mon?

Monica: Yeah, I really loved the page. I could really identify with a lot of the women in the pictures. And there was one picture that really resonated with me, and I've actually got goosebumps and it felt a bit emotional, because this girl's just got this leg and it hasn't been photo-shopped or anything. And then with the tiles from-

Amanda: Scrabble?

Monica: Scrabble. It's got "Normal," and she's got some cellulite, and she's just got a normal leg. I thought that was just a wonderful piece of photography.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Monica: Yeah. And they are really comfortable. I was surprised. I really love it.

Vanessa: Yes. So let's jump in for a bit of feedback.

Amanda: I'd agree.

Vanessa: Everybody's been wearing these now-

Amanda: Yes, I have.

Vanessa: And what's your... Yeah.

Ebanie: My go-to is comfort, and the great thing about them is you could pop them on and no one would really know that you're wearing them. So yeah, they are actually really comfortable underwear.

Vanessa: Yeah. It's awesome. Yeah. What about you, Amanda?

Amanda: Yeah, I really liked them when you wore them on Instagram, that first time, I really liked the look of the underwear as well. They are really comfortable. The G-string is comfortable. And for me, I don't normally wear a full brief-

Ebanie: No.

Amanda: ... or very rarely, and I've wore it and I actually really loved it. It was very comfortable. It didn't bite into the bum. The cotton's lovely and soft. So I was quite impressed with them.

Vanessa: Yeah. Great.

Monica: What I really like about it is... So I've got the full brief on, and for a lady in my size, then when you're buying a full brief undie, they usually look pretty awful, particularly if you're going to get something like cotton. And I really like the design around the top. I think that just really makes it a little bit special. And it's still comfortable, and they have not moved, because I was, wasn't I, I was like, "What are they going to be like? Are they going to go up my bum?"

Vanessa: Yeah, she was testing them.

Monica: And they haven't. I wouldn't even know they're there. Yeah. Really impressed.

Vanessa: That's just so awesome. And I've said it before, I think the style of them, because they come up nice and high, so often we think, okay, so if the undies sit down there, or the seamless or what have you, but you get your little pudgy bit here. It's like all your wobbly bits. And the fact that it comes up and over and sits in the-

Amanda: Yeah, kind of tucks you in.

Vanessa: Yeah, it does. And I think for me, as a stylist-

Amanda: It's like a bedtime story for underwear.

Vanessa: I might use that, you know. You have to copyright that saying. So as a stylist, one of the things that I do pretty much all of the time with most of my clients is get them to move the rise of their pants up, into the smallest part of their waist, to create that beautiful shape that we have. And it really doesn't matter what size you are. I think it makes such a difference. So to actually find a pair of underwear that sits in that same spot, that goes to that same level, is just absolutely so complimentary to what I-

Monica: And you're not fiddling with them all the time.

Vanessa: No.

Monica: You don't have to touch them.

Vanessa: Monica's super impressed. She's actually-

Monica: I'm hard to please.

Vanessa: The next part that's coming up is with my beautiful mother-in-law, and she is upwards of 70. And we gave her a pair of G-strings.

Amanda: Oh, yeah.

Vanessa: We gave her some options, and there's just no way she would feel comfortable. So Monica come along, ripped the G-string out of her hand-

Amanda: "Oh, I'll have those."

Vanessa: ... and said, "I'll have those."

Kristal: Oh, yeah.

Vanessa: So yeah, very good, really great feedback, and I'm really happy that you love them so much as well. All right, girls. Well, thank you so much for coming in today and having a laugh on the couch. I love you all. You, in every which way, inspire me. You support me, and I can't thank you enough. And I just hope that we can spend the rest of our life's journey together as well. I love you all. Thanks for coming.

Ebanie: Thank you.

Kristal:  Thank you.

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