Gift Pack - Netflix & Chill

It’s time to put your feet up, watch some Netflix and chill. Whether it’s the latest true crime series, yet another round of OITNB or The Good Place, or some good old trashy reality TV, this gift pack is just what you need for that perfect night in.

To make it even more relaxing our Everyday Lingerie Co “Netflix & Chill” gift pack has been designed to ensure you have every area of it sorted, just add the snacks and you’re in for a wild night.

Included in this gift pack:

1 x 200ml Piccolo Moet Chandon bottle, because bubbles and binge-watching is a mood.

1x Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle (500ml) to keep hydrated between episodes

1 x Self -Love candle, for that moody lighting

1 x Hydrating and moisturizing face mask, so at least your pores are clean

1 x 50ml Hydrating Hand Cream, for those soft and silky digits

1 x Hydrating and moisturizing lip mask, for that perfectly hydrated pout

1 x Everyday Lingerie Co lingerie wash bag to keep all your delicate safe in the wash

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All our Gift packs contain Made in Melbourne products, excluding the Moet Chandon which is imported.

Please note the that you must be over 18+ years old to purchase these Gift Packs